Be careful about the title of your CV


It is the first thing that the recruiter’s eyes will see: the title of your CV. Its role is vital, as it needs to make the reader want to continue reading. Here are some tips for choosing an effective one.


The title is not mandatory


The first thing to know is that the title is not mandatory in a CV, although it is highly recommended. In fact, it could prove to be too limiting or inappropriate in certain cases, which is why some candidates prefer a short description of their profile. If you are a marketing coordinator, for example, you could clearly indicate this professional title; but if your profile includes multiple functions, it could be more interesting to write two or three introductory lines. 


The title of your CV should be similar to that of the job offer 

As much as possible, the title that you choose should correspond to the one used in the employment ad. If the employer is looking for an accounting technician, and your title is “accounting clerk”, chances are pretty strong that your CV will be tossed aside in favour of those entitled “accounting technician”. It is better, in this case, not to put any title, and to indicate instead that you have X number of years of experience in the accounting field and that you have carried out this or that function that is the work of a technician. 


Be as precise as possible


Avoid titles that are too vague! Do not use a title as simple as “engineer”, for example, but rather, specify your specialization: mechanical engineer, civil engineer, environmental engineer, etc. Obviously, a good title contains the keywords of the job being offered. If you are a salesperson specializing in furniture and the job offer specifies “furniture consultant”, use those same terms and not simply “salesperson”.