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Recipe for a Successful CV

 To whet your appetite, here is a recipe that is always a great hit! Sophie Gros d'Aillon, recruitment specialist for the last 15 years, often compares the preparation of a CV with the preparation of a culinary dish, a comparison that makes it easy to understand the way a CV works:

 “Imagine that your skills are your food pantry. Employer X wants spaghetti bolognaise. You are therefore going to prepare for him a spaghetti bolognaise, that is, you are going to give him what he wants.

 In your pantry, there are lots and lots of ingredients, but you will not be using all of them. Chocolate, for example, is not something you will put in your spaghetti bolognaise; not because chocolate isn’t good, but because it is not an ingredient that goes into the dish that was ordered.

 Be careful about dishes that are similar, like lasagnas, for example. They are delicious, they resemble spaghetti bolognaise to a certain degree, but they are not spaghetti bolognaise.

 When you actually meet the person, you will have all the time you need to explain how your recipe distinguishes itself from others; you put in more onions, you use whole wheat noodles, a special variety of tomatoes, etc.”


Happy reading!