The false CV


Even if your CV needs to be as attractive as possible, be careful not to get caught up in lies that could turn against you. A few little adjustments are possible but beware of the ability of recruiters to pick up on such things. 

You really want the position and you are ready to do anything to get it, even to embellish reality a bit too much. Beware! As much as it is absolutely essential to present yourself in the best light possible in a CV, it becomes very dangerous to lie about your professional experience or having a degree. “Lying does not work,” states Christopher Livingstone, director of Proforce Personnel. “A lie will most probably be unmasked during an interview. Moreover, recruiters generally check references. You therefore have a good chance of being found out.”

The hiring process, a relationship based on trust


The notion of trust is very important during the hiring process. “If recruiters realize that you have lied, they will not be able to trust you, and you risk not getting the position,” says Elodie Darras, employment counselor at Citim. And if the CV enables you to land an interview, it should also, more than anything, get you a job! So think about the consequences before losing yourself in a web of lies too heavy to handle.

Not lying but embellishing


There are “little tricks” that are nevertheless permitted. For Elodie Darras, “giving only the years and not the months of the various positions held, or reframing the title of a position to make it sound more attractive, these are current and even suggested practices.” As long as they correspond in fact to the reality of the position held, adjustments are possible.