Carrières jobWings careers logo Founded in 2001, jobWings Careers is the specialized job board leader in Canada. We comprise 17 niche boards, federated within the network, and completed by our popular job search engine,

Our 17 boards post job offers targeted by sector or job. They cover a wide range of fields, everywhere in Canada: Finance, accounting, management - Intermediate to senior level (La Toile des in French): Human resources - The site also has a newsletter for professionals Project management - All sectors: IT, environment, pharmaceuticals, construction, call centers, etc. : Business Analysis Legal positions - In law firms, companies and the public sector Paralegal positions - In law firms, companies and the public sector B2B and B2C sales - All sectors: food, finance, cars, real estate, computer services, media, etc. Information technology Retail Engineering and engineering technician jobs - Many specialties specific to engineers and technologists Aviation, air transportation and Aerospace jobs Administrative support and secretarial services Call centers and customer service ( in French): Technical accounting - Clerks, technicians and supervisors Pharmaceutical jobs ( in french) : Healthcare jobs ( in French): Part-time jobs


Each of our boards is a reference in its sector. They all offer job alert and advanced search services. Some of them also provide tailored tips for candidates on CVs, interviewing, sector information, and more.

All our boards, and those of our partners, are members of the service, the only specialized Canadian job board network.

Our job search engine, ( in French), is among the most popular in Canada. It tirelessly scours job boards and corporate career sections in search of                                 the most recent job postings.

"Our panel of specialized job boards allows candidates to conduct advanced searches in their field," explains Manuel Francisci, President of jobWings Careers. "As for recruiters, they can more easily target qualified candidates based on their requirements. Our search engine intelligently completes our offering; in just a few clicks, it does cross-sectional, Canada-wide searches."

The jobWings Careers team is convinced that the future of online recruiting is based on efficiency and ethics. That's why our sites will never include CV banks, because these can be used for fraudulent purposes.